Real Stories From Our Broadcast Viewing Family

From Amanda in Alabama

God’s providence – amazing! I have been saved for 10 years and am getting married in 6 months. My fiancé was saved 1 1/2 years ago. Tonight we had a long and emotional discussion about many spiritual things. I was raised in a Christian home and he was not. I never thought we would experience the trials and questions we have about our upcoming marriage and we were both getting discouraged. I turned on the television right after our discussion and heard the end of the “Unveil” sermon. Wow, EXACTALLY what we needed to hear. We are ordering the entire “Soul Mate” series and will be frequently lifting up your ministry to the Lord. God bless you.

From Britanna in California

I changed the TV channel and went into the other room to do my hair. The channel landed on your marriage sermon… I could hear it from the other room and I thought, huh? What? I like what they’re preaching on. I turned up the volume really loud and hurried to do my hair so I could watch your program. I’m single and thought what an insight to marriage and relationships! It is better to learn how to be in a relationship before you get into one and can’t handle it.

From Joe in Ohio

I recently, had my heart broken. My soul ached a lot. I was very depressed for over 4 months, until I watched your show. What first happened was I listened to my 16 year old daughter’s video singing “Amazing Grace.” Then after listening to her video, I turned on your show. To my amazement, your show was playing “Amazing Grace” too. While drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross in chalk. Then you asked us viewers to ask Jesus to come into our heart, which I did. At that moment, my heart ache left my body, and I was not depressed anymore. Wow, what a great feeling to have this burden removed.

Blair in Saskatchewan, Canada

In 2010 my world came crashing down all around me. I had been living a lie, and it finally caught up to me. I lost my wife to my lie, and my world seemed empty. As a Christian man I knew better. Even in my darkest of moments I knew that the Lord would see me out of this. One Sunday morning I remember feeling down in the dumps when I was flipping through the TV and saw Pastor Kerry Shook with ALOT of energy and giving thanks for all his joy to the Lord. I was hooked within 10 minutes. During that sermon I learned about his book “One Month to Live.” I took the challenge and through the Lords grace, I am a new Godly man.

From Sophia from Jamaica

It was about a month ago I discovered your ministry and was hooked. Since then, I have been listening to your preaching and have been extremely blessed. The manner in which you present the Word is simple to understand. I have listened to your Noah and the ark message, your marriage message, and things that separate us from our blessing message; all of which have been a blessing. I have been applying some of these principles to my life, especially in the area of marriage due to the fact that my husband and I have separated. I am now praying for restoration. God Bless You and continue to guide you spiritually.

From Jennifer in California

I started watching Kerry Shook Ministries while working the night shift. My family is all living in different places right now and going through some really bad things. I would find myself crying at work and praying. Then I happen upon you. The sermons helped me with the things I was going through. May God bless you always.

From Jean in Alabama

Kerry, I can’t begin to tell you how much you have impacted my daily life by being able to watch your ministry on TV. The way that you convey your message makes me wish that everyone could listen to your messages. I love the humor in which you use, the heartfelt feelings, and your sincerity in every message that you give. It is so easy to keep up, and I never seem to get lost. God has truly enriched my life by allowing me to hear what you have to say. I can relate so much of what you say to my daily living. You have helped me to understand that I cannot control everything in my life and that God has me right in the palm of His hands. Thank you.

From Jacqueline in Kenya

I just rededicated my life back to God and received the Holy Spirit. I have never felt so much peace and warmth in my heart and body, knowing that Christ died on the cross for my sins just blows my mind. I listen to you at 8:00am Kenyan time before I go to work or school and your sermons just inspire me.

From Myron in St. Thomas

I was in Kenya, East Africa preaching the gospel when I first saw you on TV talking about marriage relationships, and I was hooked. My life was changed because I watched you on TV and heard your message of having a godly marriage.

From Gabbriel in California

I have been married for 25 years and have 8 children and 2 grandchildren. I have never watched your show. I turned it on this morning and you were talking about marriage. For several days I have been contemplating divorcing my husband. The passion, the “like” is gone. After listening to your message on the Lamp Stand, I am going to support the ministry, get the resources offered, and apply the principles. The timing was perfect. I heard the Lord loud and clear.

From Donald in South Carolina

I just happened to turn you on at a time when I was so distressed because of my health. You were teaching on checklist prayer. On your show you talked about reading Psalms/Proverbs when you were distressed. I read Psalms 3,4,5, and when I got to 6, PRAISE GOD!!! The words seem like they were written just for me, it’s as if they jumped right off the page. It touched me so dearly that I almost couldn’t finish for the tears fogging up my glasses. I felt much better. You taught that we need to value/enjoy our Jesus time and not look at it as a chore. Ordering your 3 DVD series set “It’s Personal” is a must for me.

From Kimberly in Alabama

I just went through a divorce, and I have been trying to get my focus back on God…every morning I look forward to watching this program. Kerry and his wife are just great to watch. They make things simple, and they leave you thinking about how we all need to just be thankful over the little things…I also like the way he gives examples to lead me into what he’s actually going to talk about…it feels good knowing that someone like this great Pastor and his wife understand what we are going through…Love you both, keep preaching the word of God!

From Shannon in Kansas

I don’t have a home church, but I make sure to watch you everyday at 6:30 am. You have such a wonderful way of speaking right to me and the situations I am facing daily. My teenagers have been watching you with me while waiting for the bus. Your current subject of living as though you only have 30 days to live has really started some good conversations. My daughter has been so mad at God lately but each morning that she takes the time to sit with me and watch you, you teach in the area that she needs to hear. It’s a God thing…Thank you

From Suzette in Louisiana

I have realized the emptiness in my life was because I was not putting God first or including him in everything in my life. I have made a decision to begin every day listening to Pastor Kerry. It has opened many closed doors for me. I still have a few hurdles to jump, but I am getting there. Thank you.

From Peter in Ireland

I listened to your message this evening on KICC TV in Ireland. I am really blessed, and I want to hear more with my family to bless us all. God Bless you and your Wife. His anointing over you will NEVER dry.

From Nancy in Wilmington

Love this program you all have taught our family how to be blessed more than you will ever know. Being saved since the 70’s, I am so humbled by how powerful the Word is and has always been. Thank you that you and your wife share your ministry with so many.

From Ansu in Freetown, Sierra Leone

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Kerry Shook Ministries for the wonderful message I watched yesterday on TBN TV titled “Are Angels Real?”. May the good Lord continue to bless your ministry and impact more knowledge in your lives in Jesus name. I love you guys but Jesus loves you most. Stay bless and have a goodly day.

From John in Pennsylvania

Every morning at 7:30 am Kerry Shook makes the Bible and the Love of God come real to me. He drives me to want to learn more and never turn back! I want to thank you for this ministry and how it is helping me keep Jesus first in my life. I will continue to pray for your ministry! Love and God Bless.

From Valerie in North Carolina

I just need to share how GOD cares about everything that concerns us. This morning I put on the TV, and I saw this pastor in jeans who I had never seen or even heard of and he introduced his wife who shares my exact feelings. When I left Haiti 11 years ago I asked GOD to give me a burden for them like Mother Teresa had for India. When Mrs. Shook spoke of Mother Teresa and then went on to share all the feelings I have in my heart of helping starting one family at a time I was so blessed. I have started with one family for the past 11 years, and I pray that it will expand by GOD’s help to the whole village. Amazing how GOD speaks right to you.

From Wayne in California

I just wanted to say thank you Chris for your message about helping people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Africa. I thought I was dreaming when I heard about a church in Texas, of all places, talked about accepting people within their own congregation who are living with this disease without hateful rhetoric. What courage!!! May God continue to bless your church.

From Wanda in Kentucky

I have watched your online services for the past two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the one month to live series. It is very uplifting and thought provoking. It has helped my walk with God and my purpose in life. I can’t wait for next week. I accidentally found the telecast when church services were cancelled due to snow and am very glad God led me to you. I will be adding you to my DVR. May God continue to bless your ministry.

From Anita in Arizona

I recently started reading One Month to Live. It impacted my life so much that I stepped out for the first time in my life and gave a presentation/book review on it in my college business class. I then offered to buy a copy for anyone interested and everyone in the class wanted one. I am not sure if my classmates are Christians but they are all great people, and I want them to know our wonderful Lord and discover the plans He has for them. Even though I haven’t had a job for almost 2 years, I bought one for everyone, as I knew that’s what God had put in my heart to do. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book that ministers to a broad range of people. God bless you.

From Joshua in Texas

I just wnated to write and let you guys know how much your
ministry has meant to me as of late. I have been able to hear God’s word
through you in ways that I have not in what feels like forever. I’m sure
that you hear this in many ways and at various times, but I thank you and
would just ask that you keep my wife and me in prayer. We watched the messages on the cooking/marriage series and they were
great…And just got finished watching the Pirates program…AWESOME!!!!
Thanks again, and we will keep you in prayer as well.

From Shavon in Iraq

My name is Shavon, and I’m currently stationed in Iraq. My husband and I renewed our vows before I departed in September. Since I’ve been away we’ve had a terrible time trying to communicate our feelings to each other, and three weeks ago my husband told me he wants to separate and be single. Needless to say, that crushed my spirits. But last week I got up to start my day, I turned on the television and heard your message on The Armed Forces Network about lasting love. Again today I turned on the TV and there you were again. Today’s message was about the ingredients for a healthy marriage. I just want to thank you for the message. It really touched me. I got the messages for my husband, and although he wants our marriage to end, my focus is still trusting and believing in God for His will to take place. Again, thank you.

From Tonya in Arkansas

I didn’t know any other way to contact this ministry except through this very spot. I have been struggling with my walk with God for a long time now. Tonight as I was catching up on my Kerry Shook episodes that I had tivo’d, I was just rocked to the core. I began to weep uncontrollably as I listened to Pastor Kerry speak about Heaven and Hell. I couldn’t control my tears and I was covered in the most intense chill bumps from head to toe. I have never felt so surrounded by this unexplainable love like I had at that moment in my bedroom. I could almost feel the hands of God wrapped around me. I could go on, but I don’t know if anyone will actually read this. I wish I could let Pastor Kerry know exactly how much he has touched my life. I want my husband and children to learn and understand how powerful God’s love truly is, and I want to understand more too. I am so hungry to do the right things, but I always fail to do so. I just felt so much strength tonight that I wanted to find a way to say thank you for the ministry, and thank you for cracking the hard shell around my heart. I hope now to find a way to chisel at the rest until I find what God has in store for my family and me.

From Theresa in Mississippi

…I was honestly vacuuming my floors when I heard you talk about people needing shoes. You encouraged your parish to donate shoes. I was listening to you talk and looked up at the tv and saw people coming down and taking off the shoes on their feet and giving them as a donation.
It touched me so that I sat down and cried as I watched…. It touched me so in ways you’ll never know to see those people walk up and take their shoes off and give them away!!! What a statement to make!!! God Bless You.

From Oreca in Texas

…On March 8, 2009, I said the prayer of salvation on that day. I have a lot of life altering events happen to me since then…. I am so thankful to GOD 1st and your ministry 2nd for this transformation in my life…

From Bobbi in California

Awesome AWESOME your drawing gave me shivers when it was turned the right way, just as Jesus can straighten our lives if we go the right way, WITH HIM. THANK YOU for the AWESOME DRAWING.